About Us

Fenton Herriott Vineyards is located in the Sierra Nevada foothills at the gateway to Apple Hill, and is situated on what was once the old Pony Express Route and resides just 1/2 mile from the Smith Flat house. This region has a vibrant prospecting history, and is just a short distance from the gold mining towns of Coloma and Sutter's Mill.

The Sierra Nevada foothills has been used for farming for well over 150 years. The Mediterranean climate of this area combining warm summer nights and hot summer days with free-draining volcanic soils is especially ideal for grape growing and allows us to produce the quality fruit needed for our complex, delicately-balanced and full-bodied wines.

As a family-owned winery, Fenton Herriott is intimately involved in every part of the vintner process - vineyard and vine maintenance, grape crush, fermentation, barrel ageing, bottling, and packaging. To provide a broader selection of wines to our customers, we supplement our harvest with other hand selected grapes grown from quality vineyards here in the El Dorado foothills. All of our wines are being made "by hand" which is both a time consuming and an exacting task, yet truly something we love to do. We are confident that you will love the wines as much as we do.